Have a Magnificent Day!

Mega IcebergWhat lies beneath the surface of you?
What lies hidden and waiting to be revealed and experienced?
What is your dream and heart’s desire?

It is your true greatness, magnificence and brilliance calling.  It is your true essence and abundance.  It is your divine plan.

Our current life, our creativity, attitude, health, relationships and success are all the tip of the iceberg.  Our divine potential is hidden from sight and from what typical eyes and the mind/ego look for.  A higher consciousness and awareness is called for to look beyond the surface and appearances to discover the greater truth.

When we see an iceberg floating in the water, there is always much more unseen beneath the surface.   The iceberg’s greatest mass and totality is there, but it hidden from sight.  So it is with us.  We have much more available for us to experience, achieve, enjoy and share.  Our potential is infinite and as we increase our consciousness and awareness we access more of it.  The universe is constantly expanding and growing as we are.

Our natural desire is to grow, expand and actualize our divine potential.  Our intention, commitment and discipline determine our progress.  When we truly desire something we consistently focus on it, move in that direction and take action.

This is the creative path of actualizing our full, creative potential.  It is totally up to us to create our life and heart’s desire.  We can have anything as long as we do not violate the rights of others.  Do we have the faith, courage, commitment and determination to go the distance and follow our heart and wherever the paths leads?

Welcome to the Game of Life!

What is most important to you now?
Are you being true to yourself or following what other people want of you?
Are you letting situations or limiting belief systems determine your choices?

Make this day the day you choose to live your dreams and create your greatest good.
Make this the moment that you let go of the past and your story and anything holding you back.

Start fresh, make a difference and create value.  Most of all, have fun and do it!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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