Have a Magnificent Day!

positive“One of the main qualities it takes to be successful is energy……it may be the only thing.”
Katherine Hepburn

Strong, positive energy is vital to a healthy, wonderful and successful life.  It requires just as much energy to be positive as it does to be negative.  (Some people believe being negative requires even more energy than being positive.)

Being negative kills and destroys life, relationships and all acts of creation.  Being positive nurtures and empowers people, life and relationships.

A negative thought instantly drops all energy and health levels in our cells like a lead balloon. A positive thought enlivens and expands our cells and adds energy and vitality to our health and body.

Notice the impact when you say something negative?  How is it received by others?  How do you feel?  Once you say it, you can never take it back.  It is better to remain silent than be negative.

Everything can be said in an appropriate way without having to be negative or hurtful.  When teaching others, a little acknowledgement and a sincere smile go a long way.

How do you feel when you are acknowledged and encouraged?
How do others feel when they are acknowledged and encouraged?
Does their energy and confidence grow and increase?

In life there are challenges and obstacles.  With strong, positive energy, we are able to navigate the bumps and transcend them.  The higher our energy and vibration, the easier it is to flow through life and go beyond the challenges.

Being positive and expecting good things create a huge difference in the energy, people and outcomes we attract.  People cannot resist and positive and enthusiastic person.

Have a positive attitude and smile often, it makes a huge difference in the quality of your health & wealth.

Have a Wonderful & Prosperous Week!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

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