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religion - kindnessbased on a true story:

Recently a good friend shared an interesting experience.  Last week they went to have their taxes done.  When she arrived at the accountant’s office, their computer network was not working so she had to reschedule.

She went back a few days later and was in the waiting area for her appointment.  Another family was a little stressed out because they drove a good distance (2 hours) and discovered their CPA, the owner of the firm, was not able to come in that day to work because of a family emergency.

My friend offered this family her appointment with one of the associates, in order to save them from such a long drive in vain.  My friend mentioned she was a client for almost twenty years and worked with both the owner and his associate over the years.  She offered the family her appointment with the associate as a solution.  My friend rescheduled her appointment for a later date and allowed them to go in her place.

A few days later, my friend went back to meet with her accountant again.  Her accountant shared with her some of the things the family told him.  They said, “We were so surprised how nice that woman was to us.  No one seems to be nice any more, especially to be willing to go out of their way to help someone else they don’t even know.”  The accountant told them this woman is a really nice person and as a matter of fact because she was so kind on top of being inconvenienced, he was going to give her a 50% discount on her upcoming bill.  The man heard this and said to the accountant, “I would like to pay the other 50% to thank her for her kindness.”

So my friend was given the gift of having her taxes completed without being charged.

Kindness works wonders and transforms people and the world. 
In this case you could even say kindness pays dividends!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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