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What is stopping you from being successful?  Do you know there is very little difference between fear and excitement?  If you are becoming fearful, notice it and look for the fun and excitement.

Stay open, stay positive and encourage yourself with positive self talk and acknowledgement.

What is your greatest fear?
What are your belief systems about it?
How does it to hold you back from what you want?
What areas of your life does it affect?

Definition of FEAR:

Have the courage to face and confront your fear and watch it dissolve.  When we shine the light of awareness and truth on fear, it becomes clear fear is false evidence appearing real.  The power of positive thinking overwhelms and destroys fear and negativity.  It requires just as much energy to be negative as it does to be positive, yet the consistent long term results are very different.  Make a good choose now.

Establishing a strong pattern of positive thinking creates an empowered life and success.  When we use the same energy in a negative way the results are destructive.  Either way, we have to expend the same amount of energy.  Doesn’t it make more sense to be positive and create the life we want and deserve?

Is there a behavior or pattern you wish you didn’t have?
Do you want to transform a negative pattern or fear?

Consistent focus on a new, positive thought, pattern or behavior for 21 days will replace the old one.  Positive self talk is also very important and powerful in the process.  If the old pattern comes up, simply notice it and let it be.  Notice any conversations you may have in your head and feel any feelings.  Let the process complete itself naturally.  Don’t search for problems or things to work on.  Let yourself be and by noticing the old, limited behavior it unwires and fades away.

Scientists have discovered over 95% of all negative thoughts and fears do not happen.  Negative thoughts are a waste of energy and eventually you have to focus on the positive and what you actually want to create and do it.  Worrying is a dis-ease!

What is the worst that could happen?
What is the best that could happen?
Which outcome do you want to focus on?

Turn your fear into power!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach










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