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When the winter weather blows cold and the clouds outside are gray, it’s a great time for a healthy cup of organic roasted vegetable soup.

Soup nourishes our body and sends warmth and love to our spirit and soul.  Soup is also tasty and you know what they say, you are what you eat.

The same holds true in our lives.  Having good, encouraging people around us nurtures our soul.  Having a good friend and a loving partner empowers and fulfills us.

Doing what we really enjoy and love to do for our work or career, satisfies our creative nature.  Living and working in healthy environments feel good and soothe our soul.  It’s like making a delicious batch of organic vegetable soup.

First you decide what veggies you want and go pick the best ones at the market.  Chop them up and put some time and energy into the cooking process.  Make it up with love and care.

Not only is the soup made of nutritious ingredients that fuel the body, your love and energy permeates the soup and it nourishes the soul.  You create your life the same way.  Choose what you want to create and pick your ingredients carefully.

Pick the best possible people and things to have around you.  You are a reflection of the people and environments you spend the most time with.  Make sure what you do and the people you are doing it with nourish, empower and soothe your soul.

After all, it’s nice to enjoy a tasty bowl of soup!  The meal always tastes better with good people to share it with.

Stay warm and take good care of you!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach











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