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transform yourselfTo have wonderful relationships we must be good to ourselves and then we can be good to others.  We treat others only as well as we treat ourselves.

We are all human and have negative patterns which can dominate the moment and a situation to create hurtful and destructive outcomes.

How do we  transform a negative pattern so it no longer dominates our life and relationships?
How do we turn frustration into fascination?

This can be an area people do not want to look at, deal with or acknowledge.  Human behavior demonstrates how people like to hide or pretend something didn’t happen, or sweep it under the rug.  In the end, the truth is always revealed.

Negative patterns can be very destructive forces that hurt or sabotage our well being, health, success, family and relationships both personal and professional.

It takes courage, faith, determination and vigilance to deal with our “dark side.”  The good news is any negative behavior or pattern can be “unwired” or transformed.  First, it has to be important enough.  Second, we have to tell the truth and acknowledge what is happening when it happens and take responsibility. 

We don’t have to like it – just be willing to see it for what it is and just observe – remember, what we resist persists.  Suggestion:  be like an anthropologist observing a species without judgment or bias.  See life the way it is.  It is so important to flow with life and allow life and people to be the way it is.

How to transform any negative pattern – The Power of Acknowledgement:

1) Acknowledge what is
2) Accept it
3) Take responsibility
4) Forgive yourself and any others
5) Make a new, empowering choice

Have a wonderful and prosperous weekend!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

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