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your vision is inside you

Ultimately, you want to be healthy, happy and successful.  How do you achieve this spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially?  You only have so many hours in the day and your time is so valuable.  How you spend it where you focus your energy is critical to actualize your potential.

The world offers many choices.  There is so much happening and you can be bombarded by all of the information sent your way.  Also, there can be many demands placed on you at home, work and in your community.

Where you give your energy and resources is totally up to you.  The priorities you establish become your focus of attention.  Your beliefs and values color and dictate your choices, decisions and actions.  You determine the quality of your life.

The most important person you communicate with is yourself!

Deep down inside you, you know what is best for you.  Are you asking yourself these important questions and are you willing to follow your truth and dreams?

What is my purpose for being here?
What is it I want to contribute to this world?
What is my highest potential?

Write down what you want and how you will accomplish it on paper.

You cannot achieve success or true greatness if you are not willing to put in the time, energy and dedication on a consistent basis.  There is no such thing as an overnight success.  You have to develop yourself and express your inner potential and greatness.  No one can do it for you, no computer program will make it happen.  The secret is inside of you and you have the power, ability and talent to make it real in the world……your world.

In sports, Michael Jordan is one of the greatest athletes of the past 50 years.  What I find fascinating is his beliefs and values.  His determination, persistence, work ethic is extraordinary.  Michael stopped comparing himself to others and focused on how he could improve himself every day and be the best he could be.  He focused on consistent game excellence each and every game, instead of just having an excellent game.

According to the Natural Laws, this is being creative vs. being competitive.  You can always compete with yourself, to grow, develop and be better.  Whenever you compare yourself to someone else, the ego always gets involved and you or them always come up short.  There is no one to compete with.  The fact is there is enough for everyone.  This is an abundant universe.  No one else can do what you are here to do.  You are a unique, incredible being!  Just be you!

Life is precious.  Time goes by so quickly.  Make the most of your blessings and gifts.  Discover your heroic mission, your truth and just do it.

Remember, you can have anything you want in life as long as you do not violate the rights of others.  All things are possible….spread the word….there is GOLD DUST in the air!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

You know what you want


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