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Love, Truth & Kindness

You cannot serve two masters.
Do you choose love or fear, giving or taking, kindness or selfishness and greed?
The clock is ticking….

Every moment you have a choice.
And the more you choose good over evil, positive over negative, life over death, you empower yourself and our planet.  Our world needs love, hope, inspiration, encouragement, giving, health and kindness.

Your past choices have created your life and results to this point.
What will you choose now?  The light of awareness can make all the difference.
You can have your divine plan.  You can make any change you truly desire.
You can transform any negative pattern if it is important enough to you.

Our nation and world is in its current state of crises because of people’s choices up to now.
Greed, sex and power have been allowed to run free for too long. 
It is time to choose proper principles and to demand that our companies, politicians and government follow these same principles.  Most importantly, each of us must follow these principles first, before we ask it of others.

You can make the difference by making a new choice, a healthy and healing choice.
One that is good for all concerned.
It is either love or dear.
Love comes from truth, ego from fear.

I was watching a great movie, “Pay It Forward.
“It  is hard for people who are so used to things being bad or being a certain way.

They don’t think that things can change or that they can change.”

The reality is that you can change, more importantly you can transform.

It is amazing what you can do when you try ……and keep trying.
Just don’t quit and it is only a matter of time and practice before you succeed.
The trying becomes doing and the doing becomes a new pattern of growth and success….and makes a difference.  You have to go towards the light, towards the good, towards the truth.

It’s time to forgive yourself.
It’s time to forgive others who have hurt you.
It’s time to let go of the negative, the bad and the limited beliefs and patterns and behaviors.
It’s time to make a new choice.

What are your new choices?

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach



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