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Commentary from Roy Eugene Davis,  “Truth Journal – Aug-Sept 2012”

*See   1) To perceive with the eye. 2)T o have or to create a mental image (visualize).
3) To comprehend, understand or intuitively apprehend.

It is normal for most people to acknowledge that the conditions and events they see with their eyes (and/or perceive with one or more of their other four senses) exist and to accept them as being effects of causative influences.  What can be done if the trends of their personal circumstances and the events with influence or produce them are neither entirely life-enhancing not satisfying?

The metaphysical (above and beyond physical laws of cause of effect) approach is to learn to inwardly “see” (and believe as true) what can be possible and produce and attract it by effective, skillful actions and create imagination.

Creative imagination is controlled with specific intentions. Uncontrolled imagination is fantasy: idle speculation, hoping, or daydreaming and unsupported by intention or conviction.

What do we inwardly, easily, clearly “see” and believe to be true from our present states of mind and consciousness?  Do we see and believe that we are (or soon can be) spiritually awake, mentally competent, intellectually discerning, emotionally stable, physically healthy, abundantly prosperous and in harmonious accord with others and emerging events?  What we choose to clearly “see” and believe to be true can be experienced.

With best wishes and constant blessings.

Mr. Davis was ordained by Paramahansa Yogananda in 1951 and as an independent teacher he has taught in more than 100 cities in North America and in Japan, Brazil, Europe, West Africa, and India.  Some of his books are published in 10 languages and in 11 countries.  He is the publisher of Truth Journal magazine and writes monthly lessons for CSA members around the world.


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