Have a Magnificent Day!

What a fascinating world we live in now.
Certainly these are interesting times.
It is a marvel of technology, cell phones, iPads, notebooks, laptops, computers and flatscreens.

How does it all work?
What about all of these people and things you have to deal with?
How do you keep balanced and focused in a healthy way?
How do you find a job, a relationship and a place to live.

How do you handle all of the emails, text messages, phone calls, videos, movies, magazines, newspapers, advertisements and demands that you receive every day in this technology and information age?

Have you noticed that you learn from the example of those around you?
By the age of three you are already programmed with your basic patterns of behavior and core beliefs.
The people and environments that you spend your time with greatly impact your quality of life.
It’s monkey see, monkey do.

Look around you and observe the people in your life.
What do they think, feel, say and do?
What are their values and level of health, joy and fulfillment?

Do you notice that most people complain a great deal about their lives?
How often do the people you spend time with complain about their health, finances, relationships,families, homes, cars, jobs, businesses, past or future?  Now tell the truth, how often do you complain about these things in your life?

When you look at the way of the world around you, how much time and energy do people invest into complaining?  The truth is that complaining destroys your life.  It is a negative use of your creative energy.  What happens when you focus your energy and attention on complaining and negative things?
What do you attract?

Take a good look and let it in.  Just observe what is happening.
Now you can see clearly why you feel the way you feel and why you have the results you have in your life.  So if you want to shift your reality and outcomes then you must stop complaining and stop the negative self-talk.
Focus your thoughts, words, feelings and actions on positive things.

Most important, notice how much of life you resist.
This is a huge waste of your energy and source of your challenges, because what you resist, persists.

When you let life be the way it is, let yourself be the way you are, let others be the way they are and let the world and circumstances be the way they are, you come into the present moment.   The present moment can only be the way it is. When you allow life to be the way it is, magic happens.  People feel comfortable around you, you feel comfortable around you.

What would happen if you allow yourself to experiment with this information and check out what you do and what people around you do and just observe life without judgment.
Discover your own truth and see what happens.

Something wonderful might happen….
It’s always up to you!

🙂 Lee
The Mega Coach

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