Have a Magnificent Day!

From “The Divine Romance” by Paramahansa Yogananda:

Isn’t it strange that the joy of God is there, yet you cannot feel it?
The reason you do not know His Bliss is that you are intoxicated with the ego feeling.

Your real nature is calmness.  You have put on a mask of restlessness:
the agitated state of your consciousness resulting from the stimuli of feelings.
You are not that mask; you are pure, calm Spirit.
It is time you remember who you are: the blessed soul, a reflection of Spirit.
Take off the mask of feeling.  Face your Self.

You imprison yourself in various moods and this is the cause of all your sorrows.
To escape, you have to dissolve the feelings and emotions connected with body consciousness.
Meditation is the way.

So long you have thought of yourself as having certain qualities, with their characteristic feelings and emotions.  Patanjali says you are masquerading as these passions and desires because you have done it for so many incarnations that you have utterly forgotten your real nature.  Once you realize that each day you are only impersonating different characteristics according to your changing feelings, you will not be the same person; you will be able to cast off these delusive states.  When you realize that passion and anger are not part of your true nature, these emotions will no longer have any control over you.  Every person is innately wonderful; they only have to rid themselves of the mask of ego consciousness.  Remember that.

The very nature of restlessness is such that by the time you are feeling pleasure from one thing you are already looking for something different, a persistent discontent stirred by feeling.  But bliss – the joy of God hidden in your soul – is always new, always constant in your consciousness.  Because it gives complete satisfaction, there is no more restlessness in you.  I hope you understand the value of what I am telling you today.  It is the way to freedom from all sorrow.

You may say, “If we do away with our feelings and like and dislikes, won’t we become like numb matter, useless to the world?  Is that what Patanjali teaches us?”  No.  He says that when you have mastery of your feelings you abide in your true state.  The true state of the Self, the soul, is bliss, wisdom, love and peace.  It is to be so happy that no matter what you are doing you enjoy it.  Isn’t that much better than to blunder through the world like a restless demon unable to find satisfaction in anything?  When centered in your true self, you do every task and enjoy all good things with the joy of God.  Filled with His intoxicating bliss, you joyfully perform all actions. 

Who has control of feeling follows truth, shares that truth wherever they can and avoids annoying unnecessarily anyone who would not be receptive anyway.  They know when to speak and when to be silent, but they never compromise their own ideals and inner peace.  Such a person is a great force for good in this world.  You can open the door of realization only through deep daily meditation.

May you live from your true essence and manifest the divine plan of your life, under grace and in perfect ways.

You are a Magnificent, Unlimited, Eternal and Immortal Spiritual Being and what you are is BEAUTIFUL!

🙂 Lee
The Mega Coach


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