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My friend Dan Vega shares that Self Worth = Net Worth.

To manifest wealth in physical, material terms and to maintain it you must have the self worth inside.


The most important distance we all must travel is the twelve inches between our own ears.
What we think about ourselves and believe to be true about ourselves is our reality.


Our self-talk, what we acknowledge about ourselves determines our quality of life.

All of our decisions stem from our own beliefs and values.


Our thoughts, ideas and feelings are physical.

We make a choice of what is to be and the universe follows our mind and energy.


So our quality of life comes down to what we acknowledge about ourselves on a consistent basis.

What we focus our energy on is created in our life, health-body and our physical reality, including our relationships, career and financial net worth.
It color all of our opportunities.


The key is to be consistent in positive self acknowledgement and self-talk?

What do you tell yourself throughout the day?

How do you see yourself?


Do you consistently tell yourself how talented, wonderful, successful, prosperous, creative and marvelous you are?

Are you also acknowledging others in this way?


Do you look in the mirror and make eye contact with yourself and lovingly and sincerely tell yourself that you are wonderful?

Do you love yourself and acknowledge yourself?


Do you acknowledge that you are a Spiritual Being made in the image of God with the co-creative ability?

Do you acknowledge yourself for being Unlimited, Eternal, Immortal, Universal and Beautiful?


Do you acknowledge, recognize and appreciate your contribution to others and this planet?

Do you acknowledge, recognize and appreciate other people in your life for their contribution and greatness?


Do you expect things will just miraculously come to you without you having to do any of the work?
Sometimes the hardest work is building the spiritual, mental and emotional foundation for true greatness, success and prosperity.
Then you must take the appropriate action and allow yourself to receive.


If you do not acknowledge yourself in meaningful ways and create the belief systems of a healthy, successful and prosperous person, how will the universe give it to you?

How do you expect others to see you that way? 
How do you expect to create powerful results if you do not have the proper foundation and attitude?


The key is to consistently acknowledge yourself and others in a positive and meaningful way.

Make a list of all of your wonderful qualities, talents and abilities.


At night, before you go to bed write out your Win List.
Write out everything positive that you did or that happened to you during the day.


Let your mind process all of this positive information as you sleep at night.

Give yourself the greatest gift possible, your own acknowledgement, love, approval and acceptance.




🙂 Lee

The Mega Coach



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