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December 2010 Archives

Life shows us what works. Look around at the people who achieve what is important to them.   What separates them from the people who do not? It is their burning desire, determination and will – they take action until […]

My friend Dan Vega shares that Self Worth = Net Worth. To manifest wealth in physical, material terms and to maintain it you must have the self worth inside.   The most important distance we all must travel is the twelve […]

In 1984 I met a man, named Michael Wyman.  He was truly extraordinary and taught a workshop called The Power of Acknowledgement.  Michael had a special way of being with people that they felt safe and could share their deepest […]

  Be clear on what you want and what your vision is.Focus on the results you want and why they are important to you.   Make sure that it is what you want and not what others want for you.  […]

Are you satisfied with your life? Do you have good health, good relationships with God, your family and with people both personally and professionally?   Do you love the work you do and are you prosperous?Do you feel joy and are […]

One thing is for sure, if we do not do something different, nothing will change. So, go ahead and take the first step now.   Life is incredible when we do what is in front of us and take it […]

Life is a journey. We are always in the process of becoming what we are and actualizing our full, creative potential.   Goals are wonderful and they are measuring points to see if we are on purpose in our lives. […]

  Your highest good and truest possibilities cannot be taken from you. It is your Divine Heritage.   It is for you to claim. Be open and listen to that “still, small voice within.”   Listen and follow your intuition […]

See yourself as a young tree now……   The ground around you is fertile; sun, water and wind are plentiful. By maintaining your focus on moving upward toward light, clarity and purity you can reach great heights.   Stay balanced, […]

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”                                Wayne Dyer   Respond to life and situations instead of reacting to them. There is a significant difference between a response and a reaction. […]