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“Competitive Greatness: Perform at your best when your best is required.
Your best is required every day.”


                        John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success


John Wooden was one of the most brilliant coaches not only in sports history, but in life.

He taught his players and people all over the world about proper values and principles.
His Pyramid of Success in empowering.


These principles, when applied anywhere work and create success.  Coach Wooden not only won championships with his team, but his team and his players were victorious in the Game of Life.


You see, Coach Wooden did not focus on winning championships, he focused on building people and teams and creating success in all aspects of life.  He taught his players to care and respects themselves and others.  This is true greatness.  This is true excellence.


There is a distinction between being competitive with yourself and wanting and striving to be the best you can be and competing with others.  It is healthy and natural to want to grow and be the best you can be.  So competition with yourself to consistently improve is healthy.  However, competition with others is usually a losing game.  It is usually destructive and ego based.


There is enough for everyone in this world.  Do you cheer others on and empower them to win?

Or are you more concerned that if they win, you might lose or that there is not enough to go around?


This is a time of year for honest reflection.  This is a time when being totally and brutally honest with yourself can transform your life forever.


Are you being the best possible you?  Are you fulfilling your God-given, divine potential?

Are you giving all that you can?


Make your time count.  Make this year count.

Be a source of light, inspiration, joy and empowerment to the world.





🙂 Lee

The Mega Coach





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