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Catherine Ponder……’The Millionaire Moses’

No one can withhold your good:


You can stop blaming other people for your problems.  They cannot affect you.
Because of the success law of cause and effect, no one can take your good from you.
No one can keep your good from you but yourself.  When you change your thoughts,

you change your results.


“No person, thing or event can keep from me that which the universe has for me now.
I claim my unlimited good now.  I call the wealth of the universe into expression for me

here and now.”


You are master of your fate.  When you change your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions,

your world and reality changes.  It is up to you!  You good is not dependent upon other people,

situations or conditions.  Your good is dependent only upon your good thinking about it.  No one

can give greater good to you until you have first opened your mind to receive it. 

God is the source of our good and our infinite supply.


“No one can delay my good.  No one can withhold my good.  I am open and receptive to
my highest good in mind, body and financial affairs here and now.”


You may not be able to reverse your thoughts right away, but you can reverse your words.
Repetition of right words impresses both the conscious and subconscious phases of your world

through your words.  You can transform your life by transforming your thinking about your life

through your words.


Prosperously yours,

The Mega Coach




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