Have a Magnificent Day!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”


                                   Lao Tzu


Just put one foot in front of the other.

Go forward.


Keep your vision clear and keep the faith.

Just take one thing at a time.


Do what you can with what you have.

Give it your best.


Success requires consistent, focused attention on what you want to create.

Then you must also take action.



“What the mind conceives, I shall achieve.”


                         W. Clement Stone


Consistency, like a steady, gentle wind blowing in the same direction creates lasting change.

Gradual, steady growth and progress is sure to succeed.


You can give your full effort and go total without a reckless or unbalanced approach.

When your effort or energy is out of control it is a clue to take a breath.


Sometimes you need to give more to give your best.

Sometimes you need to give less with more focus and balance.


Awareness is very important to a healthy process.
Listen to your intuition and let it guide you.


With time, patience and consistency you are guaranteed to succeed.

Failure is impossible unless you quit.


It is not about how fast we succeed.

It is about the quality of how we succeed.


Enjoy the journey……

Add some joy and a smile and watch your success manifest. 


🙂 Lee

The Mega Coach




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