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‘One person with a belief is equal to a force of ninety-nine who have only interest.’                  

                                                John Stuart Mill


To achieve excellence and success in any area, it requires positive, powerful and congruent beliefs that send commands directly to your brain and nervous system.  When you believe something it actually puts you into a state of it being true.  Beliefs can be powerful forces that create good in our lives.  Limiting beliefs on the other hand, can destroy our lives and lead us to unhealthy and hurtful choices, actions and consequences.  Belief can serve as a road map to our success as they guide us and empower us to take appropriate action to create and achieve the outcomes and results that we want in life.  They mix with faith and passion and provide energy and fuel for us to climb any mountain and achieve any goal.

If you look at the most powerful leaders and people who have changed our world, the power of their beliefs guided them to their achievements.  Whether it was the great leaders of the Bible, Moses, Abraham, Jesus or others like Alexander the Great, Leonardo de Vinci, Christopher Columbus, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, etc.  These people changed our beliefs and changed our reality.  So if we want to change our behavior and change our outcomes and results, we must start with our beliefs and values.  If we want to achieve excellence and success, we must discover and learn the beliefs that are congruent with these outcomes.

One of the strategies that can be used to achieve success is to model someone who is doing what we want to do and to discover their belief systems, thoughts, words and actions and duplicate them.  For any outcome there are definite beliefs that will empower that result.

There are many examples of how belief systems affect people, their thoughts, feeling, actions and realities.  There have been studies in sleep, health, sports, relationship, business, etc. that all show how strong positive or negative beliefs affect people and their results.  Make sure that your beliefs support you and your well being for optimal health, wealth and perfect self-expression.

🙂 Lee

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