Have a Magnificent Day!

Gratitude and Abundance are naturally connected.
By being grateful, you open yourself to life’s immense abundance.

Right now are you looking for the good things and focused on the positive?
Are you counting your blessings?

No matter what your circumstances are, you have the choice to be thankful.
Even if your life appears full of challenges and problems, those situations are actually stepping stones to your good.

Every challenges or loss is actually opening you up to learn something new and to receive more good.  Every lesson is for our best and makes us stronger and better.

If you look for what you can give, you will always find a solution.
Whatever you want to receive, start giving that to others.

Acknowledge one small positive thing in your life and spend a little time truly appreciating it.
The more you focus on the goodness and acknowledge it, the more of it there is.

Choose uplifting and inspiring thoughts, feelings and outcomes.
Gently focus your attention on these wonderful things and watch your life become a masterpiece!

With Divine Enthusiasm, I bless all that I have and look with Wonder and Gratitude at their Abundant Increase.”

                   Catherine Ponder

No one is a failure if he has a friend.”


The Success of a Physical Life is Beautiful, most worthy, but the Perfection of Yourself
is a thousand times more valuable than all of the wealth you can accumulate about you

                   St. Germain

Thank you for being here.


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