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Katy Perry is in the news again – not for her music, but for a tweet she posted asking fans to pray for Israel. Apparently, to fans at least, that request was worse than the horror Christians felt when she sang […]

30 Day Gospel Soundcheck Christian Music Challenge Day 3: Favorite all time Christian/gospel album Like I said on Day 1, this was going to be a difficult challenge for me, even though I came up with the questions. (When do […]

If you’re looking for a night of great music, worship and fun, don’t miss “The Called To Love Tour” this fall, featuring Aaron Shust along with two of my favorite artists, Downhere and Jason Gray. All three artists are releasing new […]

Today’s 30 Day Christian Music is the Christian song you’d like to see an “American Idol” contestant sing next season. I didn’t watch last season of “American Idol”, don’t know squat about the new judges, don’t know a single contestant, and I confess … […]

If you’re playing along with the Gospel Soundcheck 30 Day Christian Music Challenge, feel free to share your Day 1 response. The thing is: this is actually going to be a really tough challenge for me to do – and […]

When a couple has a baby born with Down syndrome, it can be a really difficult adjustment, especially if they hadn’t been preparing for a child with special needs. But what if a couple purposely sought to adopt children with special […]

Don’t you just love doing those “30 Day” challenges? Movies, music, all sorts of fun stuff. We thought it would be fun to do one here on the Gospel Soundcheck blog, but with one noteable difference: every 7 days, you […]

Legendary recording artist and Gospel Music Hall of Famer John Schlitt, best known as the lead singer for award-winning Christian band Petra, has a unique twist for his fourth solo album, The Greater Cause. The album will be partly fan-funded. Partnering with fans through […]

The L.A. Times did a story yesterday on the documentary “Wish Me Away,” which chronicles the coming out of country music artist Chely Wright. Wright also happens to be a Christian. The film has already won the jury documentary prize […]

Well, while I was on hiatus I apparently missed one of the stories of the century: the Justin Bieber Bible Study, based on his most recent album, Never Say Never. Or was it a movie? I don’t know. But it […]