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Three years ago, I wrote a post on this blog about the Jonas Brothers that started with this comment:

I like the Jonas Brothers. In fact, I love the guys. I love that a group that admits openly that they’re Christians has gained such popularity, and given pre-teen music fans clean music and Christian role models. But I hate the Jonas Brothers commercial empire.

I explained that I’d actually met the guys years ago during Gospel Music Week, and then went on to make the point that now, in the mainstream, the guys were being treated like money-making machines and that the focus on popularity over creativity breeds mediocrity. But mostly I wrote about how their Christian beliefs may at some point either be a hinderance to their careers or begin to be dimmed by the industry.

At the time, the guys were on the cover of Rolling Stone, and I suggested that their “teen idol status sends mixed messages about their stance on purity.” I also commented that “[b]eing a solid Christian on a daily basis amidst the music industry fracas is much harder than just warbling Jesus songs from the stage …” and that their tour and recording schedule was ridiculous. You can only burn a candle at both ends before you burn out. 

Despite the fact that it’s three years old, that post remains one of the most read on this blog, and one that earned me a lot of flack from JoBro fans. I still get comments from readers, and this week a reader named Steve made this very perceptive comment:

After a few years, note the accuracy of this original post. Trying to walk a middle line between the Hollywood/music cesspool and faithfulness to Christ will never work. The latest headline is Britney doing a strip-tease lapdance on Joe Jonas; what did he think he would be promoting by touring with her?? The purity rings have long since disappeared in a lustful tide of money, pride, fame and sensuality. Another “role model” gone, when they shouldn’t have been that from the start. And Justin Bieber can be added to the same list. Stop looking to the world for “Christian” heroes .

Apparently, every night during her recent concert tour, Britney brought up some unsuspecting audience member and performed a strip tease for him. On the last night of the tour, at London’s Wembley Arena, her victim was her opening act, Joe Jonas.

The UK’s Daily Mail had a headline that implied Jonas was mortified by the performance, but I’m not so sure that look on his face is horror. He later tweeted:

I’m not sure what’s the Jonas Brothers have been up to lately, but it is curious that three years ago a sultry magazine cover has led to a lap dance in an arena stage.

So, Jonas fans, fil me in. Still holding the Jonas Brothers up as Christian role models? And how do you feel about this video?

You can read my original post, 5 Things I Hate About The Jonas Brothers, here.

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