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Katy Perry prays for Israel and feels the backlash – so let’s pray for Katy Perry

Katy Perry is in the news again – not for her music, but for a tweet she posted asking fans to pray for Israel.

Apparently, to fans at least, that request was worse than the horror Christians felt when she sang that she kissed a girl and liked it. Here are some responses, posted at The Blaze:


People, can we please leave the poor girl alone?

Three years ago, when I first started blogging at Beliefnet – three years, people! – I wrote about Katy Perry’s Christian album. It’s still the most read post every day on this blog.

Sure, it was news then, because “I Kissed A Girl” was climbing the charts. Plus, I needed to start the blog off with some page views so I could get paid.  But I was interested mostly because I was curious about what defined Christian music, a Christian artist, and the Christian music industry.

Readers were more interested in whether or not Katy Perry was really a Christian and in praying that she return to God. Whatever that means. Since unless we actually know her, we don’t know that she ever left God.


And now this week, her tweet to pray for Israel has pulled her into a political quagmire. Glenn Beck was even talking about her on the radio this morning and covering her tweets on The Blaze. I’m sure that’s not publicity she was looking for.

Why is it that when we say we’re praying for someone, people feel the need to take sides? We want people to pray the way we want them to – pray that someone adopt the lifestyle we want them to life or support the political party we support.

Why can’t we simply pray that God reveals himself to people and that his will be done in their lives? Who are we to put political or social addendums on our prayers that reflect our own personal agendas?


And why do people even care who Katy Perry is praying for, anyway? We’re so celebrity obsessed that we’ll talk all day about who some pop singer is praying for. How about if we prayed ourselves? That might be energy better spent.

Hey, I know. Today, let’s pray for Katy Perry! (Let’s see how long it takes for someone to post that they’re praying she returns to God.)

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posted August 24, 2011 at 10:56 am

Katy should be assamed of herself. She should be praying for the Palestinians who havbeen victimizes by israel for over 40 years. She should also be paraying for the Libyans, and the start of freedom – one that they have not tasted in over 40 years. Israel have more than enough people praying for them. Enough of Israel – Let’s praybfor the people who need it, and deserve it.

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posted August 24, 2011 at 10:35 pm

God bless anyone who displays the courage that Katy Perry, as a celebrity has, against the terrible antisemitism of citizens who choose to side with terrorists and not the Lords chosen people. The Jewish people are constantly being accused of being agressors when nothing could be further from the truth. Take a look at a map folks, the Jewish people are far too intelligent to instigate trouble with the Arabs when they are surrounded by incredibly larger forces than their own. However they do have God on their side and their enemy would be well advised of this when they review the war records of any and all battles the lack of success when they have waged against Israel since the Jews have returned to their homeland. When are these terrorist supporters going to do a little research and see who the true troublemakers are. A history lesson is in order and it appears that most of them are willing to accept word of mouth as opposed to actual facts. Do your own reading and don’t rely on the nonsense you have heard.
Thank You Katy, I, and all of Israel are praying for Peace in Israel.

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posted August 25, 2011 at 9:53 pm

to all the people who say pray for palestine, i am a catholic , who lives in egypt and i wana clear the air about some stuff, first palestinians are not that innocent , every time we egyptians try to help them , we get accused of being traitors, because we need to keep the piece, cause our economy is being destroyed by corrupt know what ? let’s start from the beginning, they sold their land to the jews, then the jews declared israel as a country, they tried to fight back , then israelis started killing them , then both decided to make peaces because the palestinian side was loosing, either ways, am not here to judge who;s wrong, BUT , the palestinians were responsible for some terrorist acts they did in egypt and they declared their responsibility over the air ! on TV !!! ( driving a car into a hotel killing innocent ppl ) yet still we help them , now honestly am confused, why should i help these ppl , and on the other hand i dont favor the israelis side too , cause they tried to take our land ( i dont hate them though) in these situations all i have to say is i pray GOD that he would be merciful when that day comes and ppl be judged!

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Jewish Evangelism

posted September 27, 2011 at 1:33 pm

Readers were more interested in whether or not Katy Perry was really a Christian and in praying that she return to God.

Read more:

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posted January 1, 2012 at 11:50 am

I personally think that there is nothing wrong with Katy perry I myself being a ministers daughter know what it’s like to feel isolated from the rest of the world but Katy is just exploring herself and finding out who she really is. My parents on the other hand have a totally different view than I do they think that she needs to come back to God and stop living the way that’s she’s living. They have pretty much banned her music from our house turning the station whenever she comes on the radio. I can never let them know how I feel about Katy perry for fear that theyll look at me differently too. But let the girl live her life and stop critiquing her every move after she is only human.

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tomasz czerwinski

posted May 21, 2012 at 7:08 pm

my prayer request is to the Holy Spirit to ask him to help me be with my son my child little more , and to be with my father longer ,because the Holy Ghost is sending us to renewals of body and we will be seperated for a very long time , my father is Andrzej Czerwinski , my mother Katarzyna Czerwinska , and me Tomasz Czerwinski , i also want to ask for blessing for these persons : MR. KELLY BARBER WHO WAS HiT iN THE BACK OF HiS HEAD BY A BASEBALL BAT AND iS HANDiCAPPED , ALSO A PERSON MR. RAFAL ZAZUNiUK A POLiSH – CANADiAN SEMi TRUCK DRiVER VERY NiCE PERSON HUMAN BEiNG , AND MY UNCLE MR. ZYGMUNT KRZEMiEN WHO STAYED WiTH ME THROUGH DiFFiCULT TiME iN MY LiFE , ALSO PLEASE BLESS A PERSON NAMED JANUSZ iN JESUS CHRiST NAME AMEN AND ALSO BLESSiNG FOR MR. GERALD FORTiER AND HiS FAMiLY , AND PLEASE BLESS THE TV SHOW ‘ THE SiMPSONS ‘

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posted October 17, 2012 at 12:56 am

I just want to say that the reason why she was attacked like that, was because of the anger in our hearts for israel, when we look at all the horrible things they fo to our brothers and sisterd in Palestine, katy perry is free to pray for whoever she wants, but if it’s for an evil person or group or country, she should at least not do it publicaly, or ask people to do it, how would you feel when someone says pray for Zodiac

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