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Last week the Evangelical Press Association held their annual conference, and as part of their annual get-together announced the winners of their Awards of Excellence and Higher Goals awards. The Awards of Excellence go out to member publications and the Higher Goals awards to other EPA members, including freelancers like myself.
And ta da! The Gospel Soundcheck blog took home a first place win in the Best Blog category!
I’m honored to have the blog recognized by such an esteemed group of Christian editors, publishers and writers. But you should know that although my goofy picture is on the blog header and my name is on the posts, I wouldn’t be able to do this without excellent people at Beliefnet who suggest stories, catch my errors, encourage me, and hold the whole thing together. My editor, Dena Ross, deserves a ton of credit for being such a great editor to work with and for putting up with a freelancer who sometimes needs to be nudged back on track. And her editor, Michael Kress, deserves credit for being such an encouragement to a freelancer like me. I love working with Beliefnet!
And congratulations are in order to the blogs that took home the 2nd and 3rd place wins, SKYEBOX by Skye Jethani and Faith Deployed: Spiritual Support for Military Wives by Jocelyn Green.
You can see the entire list of EPA contest winners on the Evangelical Press Association website.

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