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Today is the last day of January, and you’ve done a great job so far! One month down, 11 to go! I love when Christian music artists take time to share their thoughts on our Bible readings, and hip hop […]

Congratulations! Look how far you made it in your daily reading! We’ve gone from the garden of Eden, through Egypt and the famine and on to Moses and the plagues. And today we read about the first Passover. We’ve read […]

Today, we read about the rest of the plagues. I mean, really. If you wer Pharoh, how many would God have to send to you before you listened? Here are the readings for today, January 30, 2010:

Today we read the first of the plagues that … well, plagued … Pharoh after he refused to let the people go. I don’t know – blood water, frogs, lice, flies. I’d like to think that God had me at […]

Today, we read about Moses and Aaron’s first encounter with Pharoh. When Moses went to Pharoh and said, “Let my people go,” Pharoh basically said, “Uh no, and now they make bricks with no straw. Hahahaha! Take that, Moses!” So […]

Season after season, I watch American Idol and ask the same question: Who really listens to those 10,000 folks packed into stadiums hoping to become the next big thing? Here’s a great piece at the Daily Beast that explains the […]

2/3/10 UPDATE: As you probably already know, I am not the expert on all things Idol. I leave that to bloggers like MJs Big Blog and Joes Place Blog, who frankly rule when it comes to all things AI. So […]

Tonight’s episode of American Idol takes us to Dallas, TX, with guest judges Neil Patrick Harris and … cover your ears and get ready for the screaming … Joe Jonas. Oh, can my heart take the excitement? Probably. Join me […]

Today we read one of my favorite stories about Moses – the burning bush. I can just imagine Moses hearing God speak, pointing to himself, looking around and saying, “Who, me?” And when God says “Yes, you,” Moses responding with, […]

Here is Danny Gokey’s first video for his debut single, “My Best Days Are Ahead of Me.” Gokey was the darling of American Idol’s Season 8, finishing third but leaving with a dedicated fan base who fell in love with […]