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December 2009 Archives

At the end of the year, I probably should be doing some sort of recap of 2009, but if the truth be told I’ve been burned out on Christian music, Christian pop culture, and pretty much everything web-related for some […]

It’s hard to believe that 2009 is almost over. And depending on when you believe the decade ends, this could be the last day of the first decade of the new millenium. Tough act to follow, eh? In 2008, I […]

In our continuing quest to define Christian music and examine its place in American culture, here are some more thoughts from up and coming Tallahassee, Florida based rock band, Canopy Red. The band is signed to Creative Soul records and […]

Over the last few months I’ve been sharing with you some thoughts from Christian music artists on the question, “What is Christian music?” Today, Unknown Souldier’s Terry Baert – also known as Brother Terry, who shared the wonderful recipe for […]

HCD Research just released results from a small poll they did about American Idol. They asked 800 viewers if they would watch American Idol more, less, or the same if judge Simon Cowell left the show. The results? About 46% […]

The Norwegian group Dreampilots originally started as a ministry project, when frontman and former Word Records UK artist Oddi Nessa heeded God’s call and set out across the Norwegian countryside with a guitar on his back, a Bible in his […]

Country music legend Diamond Rio has been cranking out hits for more than two decades. This year, they released their 11th studio album and their first Christian project, The Reason, along with their autobiography, Beautiful Mess. But beautiful music isn’t […]

One of the best things about the holiday season is how the treats and meals help us build traditions and memories. Our latest recipe comes from Dorla Schlitt, wife of Christian music veteran John Schlitt. Over the summer, Dorla shared […]

Christmas just isn’t Christmas without some homemade fudge, and continuing in our Christmas recipe feature Chris Tomlin’s mom, Donna, shares her recipe for Blue Ribbon Fudge! And don’t forget to check out Chris’ new Christmas album, Glory In The Highest!

Continuing in our quest to define Christian music – Is it Christian because of the lyrics? The record label? The band’s personal beliefs? Is there even a way to define Christian music? – Gotee artist Ayiesha Woods joins previous artists […]