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MurphyDunn.jpgPop rock band Hawk Nelson releases their new album, Live Life Loud, today!
With all of the press surrounding the band, we thought it would be fun to give you an inside peek at lead vocalist Jason Dunn, from someone who knows him well.
No, not his new wife, Lenay. Their 6-month-old puppy, Murphy!

How did you come to live with Jason?
My dad told me he wanted me ever since he was 5 years old. That made me feel special!
Are you a Canadian dog or an American dog?
I was born in America. My mommy’s American and my daddy’s Canadian. I guess that makes me a dual citizen 🙂
And do you have an accent, eh?
Well, I don’t think I have an accent, but my mommy says I talk like my dad!
We know the Hawk guys are on the road a lot. What do you do all day while Jason is away?
Sometimes when my daddy leaves, he lets me stay at my grandma and grandpa’s house in Minnesota. Or else if he goes away for just a couple days, I’ll stay with my mommy. If both my mommy and daddy are gone, I will stay with their friends. 🙂 They’re a lot nicer than my mom and dad! They let me eat people food. That makes my dad angry!
Do you ever get to travel with the band? Or does he make you stay in a kennel?
Sometimes I go with my dad to his work! He always walks me around (I think he does it for attention 🙂 what he doesn’t realize is that no one actually even notices him. All the focus is on me!!!
How involved are you in Jason’s creative process? How much input did you have on the songwriting process, for example?
I made a song with my dad once. 🙂 It’s called “The Final Toast”. I thought it was about people food. I guess I was wrong. I let my dad do the words. I’m strictly a guitar chord dog!
What’s one thing you can tell us about Jason that he wouldn’t want us to know?
He always kisses me on the lips! My mommy doesn’t like it when he does that, but boy oh boy I sure do!!!!!
JasonDunnandMurphy.jpgWe hear Jason got married recently! A lot of guys use their dogs to meet girls. Did you help Jason meet his wife, Lenay?
My daddy married my mommy a month ago! They both take really really really really really good care of me! I didn’t help my dad pick out mommy, but she helped my daddy find me!!!
How has your life changed since the wedding? Are you still allowed to sleep on the furniture, for example?
I got to be in the wedding!! Yep! I was the greeter at the door! My dad got me a tuxedo and everything! Life hasn’t changed much. I don’t pee or poo on the floor anymore. My dad used to let me, but now my mommy always would get mad so I’m not allowed to anymore!
What’s your favorite thing to eat?
I have these little treats my parents give me whenever I poo outside. Or even if I just sit and cock my head they’ll give me one (I think they find it cute when I do that…hmm, I’m gonna have to remember that one)!
What’s the best thing about being the dog of a celebrity? The worst?
Every time my dad comes home from a trip, he always brings me back a treat! Sometimes it’s a toy, and sometimes it’s food!! The worst thing is whenever he leaves, he sometimes doesn’t come back for a really long time. 🙁

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You can learn more about Hawk Nelson on their website. And be sure to check out Live Life Loud, in stores today!
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