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Christafari.jpgNo Compromise is an exciting milestone of Christafari’s 20th anniversary. It’s jam packed with 15 new gospel reggae anthems and an arsenal of guest appearances that blend their signature roots reggae sound with elements of hip-hop, dancehall, soca, worship and even rock.
This week you can get a free download of Christafari’s song “Boomshots”, just by visiting
Here are the lyrics to the song:

Written by Mark Mohr, Obie Obien, Solomon Jabby and Dominic Balli Arranged by Mark Mohr, Obie Obien, Tyrone Rudulph, Bobby Cressey and Christafari
Inspired by Daniel 3 and 6, Revelation 3:15-17, Luke 10:19, John 8:43-45
This is Christafari, Dominic Balli–Boomshots! Ya just give it what you got / I said no compromise / Ooh yeah / Yo, I take my chances / This chance I’ll take / To make and impact, we saturate and don’t back down/ We won’t back down / Can’t hesitate now we must embark / Move the mountains / Ignite the spark / And don’t back down / We won’t back down.
Chat Chorus: Boomshot / Hit it while it’s hot / Give it what ya got / Give it your best shot / Them say “Hold on. You’re coming too strong, you better ease off or you won’t last too long” / But man I’m coming as a warrior / We trample snake and scorpions / We riding like a champion / We mash up the system yeah /
Chorus: No surrender / We’re getting stronger / We are the warriors for the Messiah / No, no compromise / No longer will we listen to the enemies lies and / No, no compromise / We’re never giving up ’cause we’re fighting the fight yeah / No, no compromise / No longer will we listen to the enemies lies and / No, no compromise / We’re never gonna stop no matter what the sacrifice.
No Compromise / I said no compromise / You’re hot and your cold / Bought and your sold / Put down that pride, (and) abide (in) the truth told / Day and you’re night / Dark and you’re light / Lift up your voice and fight the good fight / When the fires raging / The flame is hot / Refuse to worship–killed on the spot / But don’t back down / We won’t back down / And in the den of lions we test our faith / Don’t matter the outcome we stand to say / We don’t bow down / We won’t back down / (CHAT CHORUS) / Wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove / Jah know say me war / But me war inna love now / (CHORUS) / Woy yo, Woy yo (Repeat)/
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