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*** WARNING: THIS CLIP CONTAINS CURSING & STRONG LANGUAGE ***More than a few of you have asked me what I thought about this week’s episode of “South Park,” which parodied the Jonas Brothers and the Disney marketing machine, especially given my rant about the commercialization of the trio and my post today about the new Jonas line of clothing for girls.I don’t get that station but I checked out the full episode on the South Park website. (You can check out a clip above, but just be warned: there’s some strong language and cursing by none other than Mickey Mouse.)I managed to get through the raunchy language and sex jokes in this episode, and let me tell you, the parody was right on the money: Using purity to sell sex to girls, and parents buying into it faster than the dollars can be printed. I think they also nailed the commercialization of the Jonas Brothers. I’d imagine that those guys sometimes feel like nothing more than a musical ATM for the Disney corporation. They open their mouths, and money falls out. I wish the company would remember that they’re young men, not a commercial product. Sigh.I would never recommend that you watch a show filled with foul language and elementary school aged kids talking about sex, but it really is an interesting parody of the Jonas Brothers, with some commentary on Christian what do you think? If you saw the show, did South Park get it right?RELATED POSTSSnark Alert: Jonas Brothers Launch Clothing Line – For Girls!5 things I hate about the Jonas Brothers (commercial empire)Get the Gospel Soundcheck headlines delivered daily to your email inbox. Just sign up for the RSS feed by going to the “Subscribe” box on the right hand side of this blog and entering your email address. And follow me on Twitter!

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