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americanidolgroupcollage.jpgHey, all, just a quick note to let you know that I’ll be back tonight blogging live during the results show. Let’s see who goes through to the top 12. Will it be Danny, Alexis and Anoop, like I predicted? Or will we get a surprise from Ricky, Michael or … dare I say it out loud? … Tatiana?
Comment as much and as often as you like tonight! And yes, you can be snarky.(Remember, to see updates throughout the show, just refresh the page.)

7:51 PM – Seriously, I just got back from Jazzercise and I am exhausted. I don’t have the patience for nonsense tonight, something I think is about to fill the next hour of my life. I mean, these guys are going to sing again … right? Sigh. I should eat before the show starts.
8:00 TWO MARK’S PIZZERIA COMMERCIALS IN A ROW! I’m officially boycotting that place. (If you’re in Rochester, you’ll know what I mean.)
And we’re off!
Ryan looks much better tonight. Thankfully. I’m tired of his Mr. Rogers’ cardigans.
The judges banter a bit – Kara says that Casey, Stevie and Stephen disappointed her. Wow, she actually named names. No wonder she got all mediocre scores on the Judge the Judges study last night.
Another witty Simon/Paula sex innuendo from Ryan. How original. He says that 24 million people voted, 10 million more than last year at this time. I’m a little surprised since I thought ratings were down.
Oh, joy, another video montage of the contestants “Idol journey.”
The group does “I’m Yours” – with that many people they can’t help but sound decent, but there’s still room for Tatiana and Casey to mug for the cameras. Good grief, this is so cheesy. My husband David says I’m being too snarky too early. Oh, all right. Gee, it was so great! Can’t wait for the Idol Tour!
Highlights from last night: Yup, Jackie was ridiculous. Ricky Braddy is flipping amazing. I don’t think Stevie or Casey are bad as much as it was bad, bad song choices and nerves. Same with Stephen. Brent has a career as a country singer, Michael’s just a nice guy. Tatiana … again, she can sing. If she wasn’t so crazy … Anoop, love him. Anne Marie – I didn’t think she was that bad. But Alexis definitely blew them all away. Danny was good, or even great.
Ryan chats with the contestants and now we’re getting the results! That’s what we’re here for!
Casey – she admits that it was the wrong song, but she had fun. She’s going home.
Stephen – said he sang the wrong song, but as long as they didn’t say he sounded bad he’s fine. He’s going home.
Alexis – she looks fantastic. She’s through!! I knew it!! She’s tearing up a bit, and she sings the song she did last night. Yup, that was the right song. She’s fantatstic.
Remember when they used to put us all through that agony of having the losers sing again? See, it’s turning out to be a better night than I thought!
Ryan calls Ricky and Jackie together. Polar opposites last night. I’m starting to wonder if Jackie and Tatiana are drinking the same Kool Aid, you know what I mean? Ricky didn’t make the top 12. Bummer, but I expected that. Same with Jackie. Phew. Had me wondering for a minute.
Anoop Dog! And Michael. Hmmm, I thought that if Anoop didn’t go through then Michael would. Please be Anoop. The person going through is … Michael???? NO WAY. OK, that totally stinks. Anoop will be back for the Wild Card round. Has to be. Rats.
When Ryan asks Michael what he thinks the guys at work are saying, he says, “They’re either making fun of me for being a sissy or they’re proud.” Sigh. I’m happy for him, but I was really hoping for Anoop. Michaels sings his song again. Sure he sings nice, but he just doesn’t connect with me. He looks like he should be coaching football, not singing on American Idol.
Ryan just said that out of 24 million votes, only 20,000 separated Anoop and Michael. Now I know Anoop will be back in the Wild Card round for sure.
OK, two spots and four contestants left. But first, a recap of the opening of the American Idol Experience at Walt Disney World. I think David Cook and Carrie Underwood should get married. Totally random thought.
OK, back to the show. Or not. It’s Carly Smithson and Michael … what is his last name again. Johns, Michael Johns! He has a new album coming out in May, and the first single hits stations soon, so of course they need to come and promote. And they sing. They’ve been paired together a lot. What’s the deal? What, are they the next Sonny and Cher? She really is a good singer. Not a fan of the fake hair. He’s a pretty good singer. But he’s cute.
NOW we’re back. Alexis and Michael sit waiting for the last contestant to join them.
Anne Marie stands up. Brent stands up. Stevie stands up. None of those three are going through. Obviously.
I knew they were going to leave Danny and Tatiana for last. She’s a wreck, can’t talk. Oh, the drama. He’s cool as a cucumber. Ryan asks Paula who deserves the spot. Paula babbles (surprise) but finally says Danny. Like we all didn’t know what she was thinking. We find out after the break.
I have a question: why isn’t Simon chiming in more tonight? I don’t care what Kara thinks, and Paula really doesn’t say anything helpful. I want to hear his snarky commentary.
We’re back. Tatiana and Danny, who’s it gonna be? Tatiana’s already a little weepy. Even the psychic doesn’t know if she goes through. The person going through is … DANNY. OF COURSE!
Tatiana is crushed. Quick, let Danny sing before she becomes totally unhinged on live TV! But wait, is she really crying? I don’t see tears. I see … drama. She’s so self absorbed. Everyone else who got the boot is smiling and happy for the people who got through. There you go, Tatiana, try and squeeze some out to make it look legit …
From a singing standpoint, this is going to be a good season with Danny and Alexis, at least. And who knows. Michael might win me over. Next week, we see:
Megan Corkrey
Kris Allen
Mishovanna Henson
Matt Breitzke
Allison Iraheta
Matt Giraud
Jasmine Murray
Kai Kalama
Jesse Langseth
Adam Lambert
Jeanine Vailes
Nick Mitchell (aka Norman Gentle)
Interesting group. At least one I’ve never heard of. Out of this group, I hope Nick Mitchell goes through, LOL. He cracks me up. I’m not sure that I’m even kidding about that. I might be a little serious.
Anyway, thanks for hanging out with me tonight. It’s fun blogging live!
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