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thanksgiving.jpgThanksgiving is the wonderful holiday that not only leads into the season celebrating the birth of Christ but gives us an entire day to give thanks. And eat. A lot.
I asked some of your favorite and up-and-coming Christian music artists what they’ll be giving thanks for this year. From families to salvation to traveling mercies, Christian music artists have a lot to be thankful for:

It’s hard to say what I’m most thankful for in a “nut-shell” soundbyte, but if I could sum it up, I’m most thankful for the privilege of simply knowing God, his grace and favor, and for my amazing family, whom I love so much!
Jeremy Camp
I’m thankful for getting the chance to celebrate Thanksgiving twice a year! First we celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving in October and now American in November. I’m starting to really embrace this Holiday and am wondering if this can become a monthly tradition? We have so much to be thankful for… and can we really get too much of a good thing?
Daniel Biro, Hawk Nelson
I am most thankful for gas prices being under two dollars!
Eric Miker, guitarist, road warrior for DecembeRadio
It is good to have a God worthy of thanks!
Josh Reedy, DecembeRadio
I’m thankful to get to spend time with my family. There is no place like home!
Boone Daughdrill, DecembeRadio
The thing that I am most thankful for is that Thanksgiving, though a very special day, is just one of many days that our family celebrates together. And as always we are most thankful for each other.
Larnelle Harris
I’m most thankful for my beautiful wife. She’s always been so supportive, and is always there to keep me on track when things get off course. I’m very blessed, I couldn’t do it without her.
Trevor McNeven, Thousand Foot Krutch/FM Static
I am most thankful for my friend sharing the gospel with me years ago in his car. With the knowledge of Christ’s victory over sin and death, I can now begin to understand how amazing my beautiful wife and 2 baby girls are and how I in no way deserve such blessings.
Chris Taylor
My favorite part of Thanksgiving is when we write our names on our cups. That way they can’t steal my soda. Oh yeah, seeing family is cool, too.
Oh, so much, but my family tops the list. Kirby, Toby, Ruby Cate, and of course my hubby Troy!
Sara Groves
I’m thankful that our van, our home, has lasted us 250,000 miles and is still running like a tank. Without it we couldn’t do what we love so much.
Billy, bassist for Confide
I am thankful for this Great God of Grace, who, in His love not only runs to embrace us no matter how scarred, broken, or fragile we are, but grafts us into His family and gives us work to do in His Name … I am thankful that God chooses to use a life rescued and in repair like mine in music ministry … God gave us everything, owes us nothing, but somehow gives more and more. True Grace.
Darren Elder, The Wrecking
I am most thankful for my healthy, happy family.
John Schlitt
My wife. She has made me stronger and wiser and has taugh me to slow down and soak up the moments around me. She is an amazing inspiration to my life and art and I feel so blessed to partner with her and chase this life beside her.
Phillip LaRue
I am first of all thankful for God’s grace. With all the valleys and trials our family has endured, His grace has always been enough. I’m also incredibly grateful for my family–my husband and four wonderful kids. We were blessed to add an adopted little girl from India to our family this year and it has been amazing to see her adjust and graft into our family like she’s always been here. A perfect picture of the privilege it is to be adopted into God’s family!
Singer/songwriter and author Ginger Millermon
Philmont feels blessed to have had the opportunity to pursue our music on a national level this year. We are also thankful to all those who have offered us their support. That includes our family who we are most appreciative of and excited to spend quality time with over the holidays.
Scott Taube of Philmont
The gift of salvation through Jesus Christ is enough to be eternally grateful for. However, God has blessed me far above and beyond that amazing gift, and I’m blown away more and more by it every day. Aside from forgiveness of falling short each day, He’s blessed me with an amazing wife and family, friends, the opportunity to live in the most incredible country on the face of the planet, the gift of music, guys I get to minister with every day who really “get it”, health, etc. I could go on and on, though I would never be able to fully express my gratitude for what He has done for me.
Shane Bowers, Julian Drive
I am most thankful for my salvation through Jesus Christ, my family and my God given talents.
Eliot Sloan, lead vocalist for Blessid Union of Souls
I am most thankful for the cross. The love of God was displayed for all the universe to see when Jesus died for sinners like me. I thank God for God, the Gospel, and most definitely for the cross
John Morgan, Presidential impersonator and musician
I’m most thankful for my life. I’m 18 years old, traveling the country, and experiencing things I never could have imagined.
Slade, vocalist for Anarbor
I’m most thankful for my family, because they made me the person I am today.
Mike, guitarist for Anarbor
What I am thankful for doesn’t depend on how much I’ve had to eat or if I got enough sleep
It doesn’t rely on who I know or where I get to go
It can’t be based on what I get to do or my ever changing mood because those are fading too
Thankfulness comes from the understanding that everything I see is not mine but are gifts that God gives throughout time
Every laugh that I giggle every sight that I see
Every moment I share every breath that I breathe
These are the things I dwell on thankfully
Nathan and Jenna Strong, After The Chase
I am most thankful for good health, good friends and God’s ever amazing provision.
Beloved’s Amy Goins
I am most thankful to have a great Friend in God. The more I live, the more I realize how great he is. I thank him for also giving me a wonderful wife and son, whom I could not live without. Everyday I look at them, it reminds me of God’s Awesome Power.
pianist Barry D.
I am most grateful for my children who stand by me through the ups and downs and all arounds.
children’s entertainer Cowboy Dan Harrell
I’m most thankful for the gift of wonder; seeing the beauty of God’s creation through the eyes of a child.
I’m the most thankful for the Cross of Jesus.
singer songwriter Perry LaHaie
After Edmund is thankful that we get to be home with our wives and families on Thanksgiving after a great, but long, tour!
After Edmund
When we look at the “shakable” kingdoms all around us, we’re most thankful to serve the One and Only King of all. The gifts that He’s given to us, our faith and our families, would surpass anything else on earth.
Sanctus Real
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