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With the news this week that bassist Michael Wittig is leaving Pillar to focus on his new band, Stars Go Dim, formed with former Pillar members Lester Estelle (who also recently left the band) and Joey Avalos (who played with the band for a year from 2006-2007), I was left with one question:
What’s happening with Pillar?
A quick phone call to the band’s publicist confirms that Pillar is alive and well, and moving forward with their music and ministry. Longtime band members Rob Beckley and Noah Henson are still at the helm; no word on whether they’ll replace Wittig and Estelle or just use touring musicians for the time being.
But have no fear. Despite the recent line up changes, nothing has changed with your favorite hard rockers.
Pillar is currently headlining the Creation Fest Tour with Kutless and Thousand Foot Krutch. For a tour schedule, visit the Pilar website or Creation Fest Tour website.

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