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RockinTheRoadbanner.jpgIf the idea of an unscripted reality drama that packs a group of young adults onto an RV and sends them across the country on a journey of personal discovery sounds familiar, it’s because it’s been done before. MTV blazed the trail with “Road Rules,” and most recently PBS followed suit with “Road Trip Nation.”
Now Christian television is jumping into the mix with a new reality show airing on Gospel Music Channel, “Revolve: Rockin’ The Road.”
The show follows the advance team for the Revolve Tour – Chad Eastham, Jenna Lucado, Courtney Clark Cleveland, and Sean Kelly – as they spend the summer promoting the event at nine different music festivals across the country.
At first glance, the show appears to be one big promo piece for not only the Revolve events but the bands whose videos air on Gospel Music Channel. Every time a song snippet is played, for example, the band’s info appears on the top of the screen, with the GMC website url. The show also features artists who will be appearing on the tour, including Hawk Nelson, Krystal Meyers, Group 1 Crew and Ayiesha Woods. The cast also talks frequently about the Revlove Tour, what it is, who’s on it, when it starts.
Just a little bit of a commercial.

But, fortunately, after the premise is set for the show (that they’re on the road promoting the tour), the interactions and relationships between the four cast members take center stage, from a discussion about the guys’ constant and sometimes hurtful sarcasm to the struggles of long distance dating to a conversation with Krystal Meyers about tattoos and piercings.
There is drama. We find out, for example, that Jenna used to date Brandon Heath, and when she runs into him at Ichthus, and makes him a sandwich, she gets flak from Sean, who asks if she’ll tell her current beau Brett that she’s been hanging out with Brandon. Jenna throws back to him that they can talk later about Sean’s girlfriend, Ashley, and why he hasn’t talked to her in two weeks.
Did you follow that?
Courtney is particularly hurt by Chad’s constant sarcastic comments, and spends time in a heartfelt discussion with Sean, where she eventually realizes that maybe her own insecurities are part of the problem.
The show is really well done – no cheesy production here, and If nothing else, you’ll sample some great music from the soundtrack, from artists like Deas Vail, Winter Halo, Candlefuse, Brandon Heath and Remedy Drive. I think young girls in particular will be hooked on the show, which is great, because the Revolve Tour is, after all, about reaching girls.
Besides, don’t you want to see how Christians really interact with each other when they forget the cameras are on? I don’t know if they can vote someone off the bus, but they might want to by the end of the trip.
“Revolve: Rockin’ The Road” premieres tonight on the Gospel Music Channel. Check your local listings for times or visit the Gospel Music Channel website.

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