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HighSchoolMusical3.jpgYou heard right. Kurt Johnston, youth pastor at Saddleback Church and the folks at Simply Youth Ministries have teamed up to offer a discussion guide to go along with the film “High School Musical 3,” which opens October 24.
The idea is that since kids will be flocking to the theaters, why not be proactive and get involved, see the film as a group, and then take time to talk about the movie.
I haven’t seen “High School Musical” 1 or 2, and I’m fairly certain I won’t be in line opening weekend for 3, but I know the movies are a cultural tidal wave. If you have teens, you’ve probably seen High School Musical.

Personally, I think it’s a good idea for Christians to be proactive when it comes to Hollywood and cultural hits like this. I wouldn’t recommend you take the kids to a Katy Perry concert and then talk about it, but from all I hear HSM is a pretty squeaky clean enterprise.
I know this is a stretch from a Christian music angle, but I had to share this because I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic.Good idea to take the kids to the movies and then talk about it? What do you think about HSM? What about the music – good for Christian kids or something they need to avoid?
You can check out the study guide at the Simply Youth Ministries website.
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