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RevTimothyandBettyWright.jpgA concert will be held this Saturday, September 6th, to raise money to benefit Rev. Timothy Wright.
The best news? Rev. Wright is scheduled to be at the event.

Rev. Wright was seriously injured in an accident July 4 that claimed the life of his wife Betty and their grandson, DJ. Rev. Wright spent several weeks at the Geisinger Memorial Hospital in PA before being moved at the end of July to the Kessler Institute in NJ, where family thought his chances were best for as full a recovery as possible.
Spokesperson and dear friend of the family, Laurie Schneider, told me Saturday that Rev. Wright was able to move his arm slightly by himself, and as of today he is off the respirator 14 hours a day. She writes, “Every day we can keep him at Kessler is a blessing. What an incredible rehabilitation center.”
(A word of warning about his attendance at the event, and this comes from me, not the family: I’m sure Rev. Wright will not physically be able to meet with everyone who comes, no matter how close you are to him or his family. Please, please be courteous to him and his family if they are unable to give you the undivided attention you desire. Just seeing the crowd and knowing that you are there to support him will be enough for him on one day, and the fact that he may be able to attend at all is a miracle. Be grateful for that.)
Rev. Wright has only VA medical benefits, so the cost of his medical care and rehabilitation is being paid out of pocket, hence the need for the fundraiser.
The concert will take place at:
Shiloh Baptist Church
515 West Fourth Street
Plainfield, NJ
Directions to the event
Praise and worship begins at 2:30 PM; the concert starts at 3:00. Performing are the combined choirs of the Shiloh Baptist Church and the Calvery Baptist Church; the Timothy Wright Concert Choir; Children of God – The Brothers Harris; and Alvin Darling and Celebration.
The press release I received listed the following as a contact for more information:
You can see the concert promo flyer here:
In a related story, reports that two weeks ago, Rev. John P. Kee, Pastor of the New Life Fellowship Center, “announced that he will be supporting Rev. Wright and the Grace Tabernacle Christian Center Church of Brooklyn by paying the mortgage on Rev Timothy Wright’s church until he returns.”
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