Gospel Soundcheck

Thanks to everyone for playing along in our Big Daddy Weave giveaway. Before I announce the winners, let’s answer the trivia question:Big Daddy Weave’s drummer Jeff Jones had what unusual job while attending the University of Mobile?Despite the fact that some of you found a post that listed his nickname as chicken man, he wasn’t a chicken farmer and he didn’t work in a poultry factory. And no, he wasn’t a nanny for the Jonas Brothers.In fact, during college Jeff worked as …… an Elvis impersonator! He even worked for a local flower shop delivering Elvis-grams.Check it out:Chicken farmer. That’s funny …Anyway, congrats to Kevin W. in Virginia who won the History of Big Daddy Weave grand prize! And congrats to Amy S, Dodie G, Mary M, Becky A, and Gena D, who all won a copy of Big Daddy Weave’s new CD, What Life Would Be Like.

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