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I got a press release this week with this lead – I’ve removed the name of the artist and the ministry, as well as some details, because I really am not venting about him, per se:
“Platinum-selling Christian recording artist Mr. Nice Guy today announced the formation of The Mr. Nice Guy Company–a new entrepreneurial venture with a mission to proclaim and demonstrate the values of the Kingdom of God to the world–as well as, AnotherWorshipMinistry–a 501 (c) (3) ministry designed to give Christians tangible opportunities to serve the poor. ”
Uh … does that mean, exactly

The press release explains:
“While the Mr. Nice Guy Company will focus on inspiring and equipping people through products and live events, AnotherWorshipMinistry will encourage people to respond to God’s love in very practical ways, by serving those who so desperately need it.”
I think that it means they’ll do concerts and sell stuff. I also think it means Mr. Nice Guy will travel and do charitable work; this fall he’s going to an Asian country where “he will help provide quality healthcare and education services to handicapped [Asian] children, disabled as a result of exposure to [nasty chemical] left over from the spraying of [another nasty chemical] during [a very nasty war].”

WARNING: I’m about to vent, and it really has nothing to do with Mr. Nice Guy, who is a great guy, I’m sure. This story just struck a nerve and I need to let off a little steam.

How many different charities do we need, and how many more opportunities do Christians need before they get off their butts and serve “those who so desperately need it”? Are we waiting for the right celebrity give us our marching orders? Or do we think that by forking over money for a CD or concert ticket that we’ve done our part?
Want to “proclaim and demonstrate the values of the Kingdom of God to the world?” Babysit for a single mom. Drive your neighbor to the doctor. Rake your neighbor’s lawn. Use your turn signals in traffic. Talk nicely to the grocery store cashier.
Want a “tangible opportunity to serve the poor?” Go volunteer at your local food pantry. Invite a family over for dinner. Clean out your closet and give the good stuff to the Salvation Army.
Every time I see a celebrity setting up a new ministry I wonder how thinly we can spread our charity and why we don’t somehow work together instead of working on our own. Why can’t a celebrity lend his name and support to an existing charity instead of setting up a new company and planting his name firmly on the masthead?
You know what should inspire Christians? Christ, not a celebrity’s company.
Anyway, sorry about the rant. And again, no disrespect to Mr. Nice Guy. But I’m curious to know your thoughts on the subject.

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