Gospel Soundcheck

OK, so I’m not sure if this technically qualifies as “Christian music” since it’s actually a parody of Christian music, but it’s so much fun that I have to share it with you.If you didn’t catch the premiere of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” last week, you missed a folk duo called God’s Pottery that made it through to the next round. I’ve heard them described as a “faux Christian” duo, but honestly, these guys are so on-the-mark with their lyrics they either grew up in the Christian community (and thought comedy was less expensive than intensive therapy) or they have totally immersed themselves in the culture just to mock it.It’s not irreverent, but it is funny. I hope they make it through so we can see more! (Related post: here’s a longer video clip of God’s Pottery’s full audition.) RELATED POSTSGod’s Pottery Part 2Are these videos a joke or just cheesy Christian music history?Christian humor meets Christian music in Jesus People web series

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