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J.D. TenNapel and his father could see 100 foot flames moving north up the valley. The eight-grader from Cedar Edge Colorado hopped on his ATV to warn his neighbors about the rapidly approaching fire. J.D. is in the hospital now, but watch below to see how his heroics impacted his community:


A wildfire in Colorado

8th Grade Hero Warns Neighbors about Approaching Wildfire

Yards from the finish line, her competitor collapsed.  Meghan Vogel, a rival runner, thought nothing of reaching down and supporting her while they both crossed the finish line.  Watch this video to see why Meghan emerged victorious–earning a standing ovation from the crowd–even though she finished in last place at the Ohio State Championships.

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Watch below to get the full story.  This local news coverage has an exclusive interview with Meghan Vogel:

Runner victorious by finishing last:

A Last Place Victory

A Last Place Victory: Meghan Vogel helps her competitor across the finish line

70 years after he was supposed to graduate, Jack Fletcher has finished his high school degree.  The 86 year-old dropped out to enlist in the army during WWII, but has longed for a degree ever since.  Watch this inspiring story as he explains how finally got his diploma!



Jack Fletcher Graduates from High School

Jack Fletcher at Graduation

David Boone is both smart and charming.  If you see him now, you’d never realize that he’d been homeless through part of high school.  But against the odds–including having to sleep on the streets some nights–he has excelled at math and science, earning him a spot at Harvard.

“I promised myself I wouldn’t cry at Graduation.  But then I realized that what’s everyone says before they start crying,” he said.  Watch his touching story below!



David Boone goes from homeless to Harvard

David Boone excels against the odds