Good News

Tom Spicer is a 9-year with stunning hand-eye coordination. He does tricks by bouncing ping pong balls – which might sound easy – until you see how he does it!

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A Ping Pong Whiz

He shoots, he scores!

What’s cuter than toddlers or baby goats?  A toddler hugging baby goats!



This toddler hugs baby goats

He loves to hug baby goats




Get ready to rock with the “Hovercat.”  This supercute viral video (500,000 views in 2 days!) will have you dancing along in no time! Make sure to turn your volume down a bit if you’re at work  🙂



Watch the Hovercat

This Cat has Moves!

This canine mother seems very happy raising her adopted children: Siberian tiger cubs! They make for a cute team and a heart-warming story about nurturing instincts.


Dog Raises Siberian Tiger Cubs

A dog raises Siberian Tiger Cubs - Heartwarming!