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This Baby Loves to ((HUG)) Baby Goats!

posted by Dave Halliday

What’s cuter than toddlers or baby goats?  A toddler hugging baby goats!          

Even with Cystic Fibrosis, This Boy Owns the Dancefloor!

posted by Dave Halliday

Dylan’s Cystic Fibrosis treatments consist of long periods of time in a breathing apparatus.  Watch his mom’s creative solution for how to keep him entertained–and athletic!

Kids react to truly terrible gifts

posted by

The assignment: give your child a truly stupid early Christmas present. Videotape their reaction. Send it into late-night TV talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel. CLICK HERE to see hilarious video  

Kuinerrarmiut Elitnaurviat’s 5th graders in Quinhagak, Alaska, say “Merry Christmas!”

posted by

What a fun video! Here is a Christmas greetings unlike any you’ve ever seen — the Hallelujah Chorus brought to you by the 5th graders of Kuinerrarmiut Elitnaurviat Elementary School in Quinhagak, Alaska. As you can see, they’ve had a […]

Take-charge 9-year-old saves brother’s life

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When Mom figured out that her youngest son had fallen into the pool, she was frantic. She pulled the toddler out of the water and tried to resuscitate him, but it wasn’t working. Enter big brother — age 9 — […]

“He loves me, but he’s still annoying,” says 8-year-old after brother saves his life

posted by

“He loves me. He cares about me. But he’s still annoying.” So says 8-year-old Brandon Lovett. That’s the thanks that his seventh grader brother, Bryan, gets after saving the third grader’s life. It seems Brandon was being his ever-active self […]

Quads: Daddy is just too funny!

posted by

Take quadruplets — that would be twins squared. Four happy babies. Add one loving, silly daddy. A daddy who knows just what it takes to get all four toddlers laughing.  (Poor Mommy!)  

Ah, the love of a little brother!

posted by

Getting a little brother is a rare gift — somebody to grow up with, to be a role model for, to teach how to look out for himself. Not everybody has a little brother — a lifelong best friend, particularly […]

Toddler brothers discover “flour power”

posted by

It seems mom wasn’t feeling all that great and let her 1-year-old and his 3-year-old brother out of her sight for a few seconds. She steps out of the bathroom and finds that the pair have discovered what fun a […]

Dad, what the heck did that dentist do?

posted by

We have to admit feeling a little guilty for finding this little guy’s condition humorous. However, it’s obvious that he has a loving dad. And, apparently, healthy teeth.

Moms ‘fess up: “I ate your candy”

posted by

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel admits he did not expect what happened when he challenged parents across America to tell their kids that Mom and Dad had eaten all their Halloween candy — and that none was left. The result […]

Dad says “God had other plans” for miracle baby whose middle name is Hope

posted by

CBS News shares this extraordinary tale of a little girl who technically has been born twice. It seems a life-threatening tumor had to be removed … but she was still in her mommy’s tummy! Doctors carefully performed surgery — taking […]

10-year-old saves best friend’s life

posted by

Hunter Schulz, 10, and Carter Sharpe, 9, have been buddies since they were toddlers. So, it’s not surprising that the Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, fourth graders are rather nonchalant about an extraordinary event a while back. It seems Hunter saved Carter’s […]

Child’s plea awakens “brain dead” mom

posted by

 “Mom, if you love us and you hear us, move your eyes,” whispered 8-year-old Megan Smith. She’d been brought to Bethesda North Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio, to say goodbye to her mother, Lori Smith, who the doctors said had suffered […]

11-year-old boy obeys heavenly voice, jumps to safety, saves family from burning home

posted by

Ohio fifth grader Jeffrey Radcliffe says a heavenly voice told him what to do when he was trapped in his burning home. Facing a wall of flames and a collapsed stairs, he had to jump out of his second-story window. […]

Ah, the joy of a happy baby and his loving pup!

posted by

What can be more joyous than the sound of a laughing baby? And what better reminder of how smart dogs really are than to watch this daschund pretending to try to grab the infant’s bath toys? The baby is delighted. […]

Now, if the little guy would just smile!

posted by

Here is a sweet quartet of kids singing the classic “Go Tell It on the Mountain” with ability far beyond their ages — which appear to range from perhaps four to ten. And the somber little guy in the NBA […]

Who is this amazingly talented little boy?

posted by

We really don’t know a lot about this incredibly talented youngster who lives in a small village in Brazil. His name is Jose Antonio Viana, but goes by “Jotta A,” although his family calls him Tony. The joy that radiates […]

Three-year-old genius — fingerpainting like you’ve seen before!

posted by

Most three-year-olds like to fingerpaint.  However, you’ve never seen a pre-school artist like this one:

Help Sponsor a Child in Bolivia

posted by Jana Melpolder

PLEASE hit the “Like” button above to share the Good News and add to your favorites. Oscar is just like any other 10 year-old. He could enjoy hanging out with his friends and playing games. But this little boy from Bolivia […]

Beliefnet Plans to Travel to Bolivia with World Vision

posted by Jana Melpolder

PLEASE hit the “Like” button above to share the Good News and add to your favorites. Beliefnet is happy to announce that it will join the Christian organization World Vision on an exciting journey to Bolivia – a country that is […]

Teen Triumphs to Compete in Special Olympics World Games

posted by Jana Melpolder

PLEASE hit the “Like” button above to share the Good News and add to your favorites. New stories every day! Written by Mark Hanlon, Senior Vice President of Compassion International Every so often, you come across someone who truly inspires […]

11-Year-Old Girl Scout Saves Baby Girl From Drowning

posted by Evan Derrick

11-year-old Phoenix, AZ native Gillian Perdue was at a friend’s pool party when she noticed a 2-year old girl flipped upside down in her inner tube. The parents, chatting nearby, had no clue that the little girl was about to drown. […]

Toddler Dances Her Way Out of Illness! Great story!

posted by agreyson

PLEASE hit the “Like” button above to share the Good News and add to your favorites. New stories every day! Watch this video from the Associated Press about a baby in Texas who is battling a rare blood disease but […]

Infertile couple finds baby on the side of the road

posted by agreyson

PLEASE hit the “Like” button above to share the Good News and add to your favorites. New stories every day! One is seven couples struggle with infertility. It was no different for the Wen’s. They spent the better part of […]

America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon Thanks Mom for Not Aborting Him

posted by agreyson

PLEASE hit the “Like” button above to share the Good News and add to your favorites. New stories every day! America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon is a guy who almost wasn’t. His mother got pregnant at 17 and had […]

Dad accidentally runs over kids, miracle happens!

posted by agreyson

It started like any other day for Kevin Burgess. He pulled into his driveway and felt a haunting thump. It was his two young children, Tanner and Thomas. Thomas, the younger of the two was trapped beneath the tires of […]

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