Good News

So, you intend to stuff yourself at your Thanksgiving Day feast? After all, it’s a tradition, right?

Well, there’s probably no point in talking you out of it — not with the smell of roasting turkey wafting in from the kitchen … and the table filling with baked sweet potato-and-marshmallow pie, cranberry-and-orange relish, mashed potatoes just like Grandma used to make them, green-bean casserole … mmmm! And what’s that on the counter?

Pumpkin pie? Cherry pie? Apple pie? Tollhouse cookies? Banana bread? Homemade macaroons! Blackberry cobbler! Oh, and look, homemade dinner rolls, broccoli-and-bacon salad and … Mercy! Shrimp appetizers! Stuffed mushroom tops! Artichoke dip! Oyster dressing!

OK, forget moderation today! Go ahead and enjoy! You can diet tomorrow.

But what about this afternoon? How can you avoid feeling comatose after stuffing yourself? You really do want to be awake to argue politics and religion with your relatives, to yell at the TV as the wrong football team first sacks your favorite quarterback, then intercepts in what any idiot can see is pass interference! And your nephews are going to want you to help them put together a jigsaw puzzle. Your niece needs you to read aloud from her favorite book. And your elderly aunt so wants to hear how your job is working out.

How can you be alert, clever and sensitive after being a glutton?

First, don’t lie down. Take those nephews for a brisk walk! And … as this video explains, see if you can get everybody to — yes, DANCE!


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