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I’ve lived and traveled abroad, and one of the things that always made me laugh was when someone would try to communicate with someone else who did not speak his or her language. Instead of trying to use sign language […]

When I heard reports of the devastation from the earthquake in Nepal and neighboring countries, I thought of two things: I remembered a friend who had, a few years ago, climbed partway up Mt. Everest. I recalled what he had […]

Have you ever prayed beneath the bright blue sky of God’s creation? Or knelt on soft grass and given thanks to its Creator? We might pray for rain, or for warm days to come after a hard winter. But besides […]

However hard we try, sometimes, in life with a chronic illness, we are just not pretty. Rashes, hair loss, weight gain or loss, bruises, swelling in places we don’t want it – oh, the list is long! And, when the […]

It’s easy to pray for those we love. Friends, family, neighbors, people who help us or encourage us. But, what about praying for those people who have hurt us? Or, who have committed crimes, acts of violence, or other attrocities? […]

A very blessed Holy Week to you! There certainly are many bible-based movies, television programs, and other works making the rounds this week. Whether another telling of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, or other stories taken from the New or […]

Perhaps you’re tired. Bone-weary. Angry. Deeply torn. Spiritually dry. Perhaps it’s taken a long time to admit it, but now you do. You don’t feel like praying. Are you a bad person? Sinning for saying it? Hopelessly lost? Not at […]

As we move into springtime, many of us will undergo life transitions. Perhaps you are completing a significant part of your education, anticipating the workforce and “digging in” to a career. Or, maybe, you are looking forward to your wedding […]

I know, I know! How well I know! It can be difficult to imagine that life with chronic illness is beautiful. Those of you living the life, you understand what I’m saying. Those who aren’t, well, I’ll spare you the […]

We can learn much, when we cultivate silence. It might seem counter-intuitive; our learning usually takes the form of words or pictures or sounds, tangible things that have size, depth, tone, and space. But beyond all of those things that […]