Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

A Praying Spirit: Every Little Thing

posted by mpratt
Photo courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography/

Photo courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography/

I’m working on a new book for Franciscan Media (due out in 2016), and in preparation, I’m reading up on Saint Francis of Assisi.

Saint Francis left a big legacy and an enormous imprint on people the world over. His work lives on today in myriad ways, and brings new people to Christ each day.

But what is impressing me most, now, about Saint Francis is not so much the big things, but his attention to “little” things. Nature, for example, down to the smallest flower. People, another example, down to the lowliest beggar.

With this in mind, I’m trying to incorporate little things into my prayer life. A thank you to God about the smaller ways He works through my day. A mindfulness about the seeming strangers I notice, but don’t notice, really, until I think about them.

Prayer is always a big deal. And in it, every little thing counts!

Joy and peace,


New Podcast with Sean Herriott!

posted by mpratt

Maureen Pratt Author PicMy friend, Sean Herriott, has a new radio show, “The Joe Convert Show,” and included me as his guest on today’s airing (Friday, January 9). If you click on the link below, it will take you to Sean’s website, and you can find the episode there.

A blessed weekend to all!


Chronic Illness: How Can You Have Hope When They Say, ‘There’s Nothing More We Can Do’?

posted by mpratt

Maureen Pratt Author PicToward the end of last year, I received an email from one of the patient advocacy groups I keep informed of. It said that a lupus drug had failed in trials and was being scrapped – but not to lose hope!

We’ve had only one new drug approved for lupus in the past 50-60 years, so the news of a potentially newer drug failing in trials was tough to hear. True, in the 20+ years I’ve lived with lupus, there has been some progress in better managing the disease and better diagnostics to identify precise ways in which lupus and the autoimmune process is at work.

But, couched in the news of a potential drug’s failure and the ‘encouragement’ to not lose hope is something that defies a superficial response, a question that many chronically ill patients – not just lupies – have to grapple with, if we are to have lives of purpose and light:

How can you have hope when you’re told, “There’s nothing more we can do” or when there are no truly curative medications for your condition?

I’ve dealt with this question by taking “hope” out of the realm of science and healthcare, out of the hands of men and women. Rather, I put my hope in the fact that, no matter what, new medication or no new medication, worsened disease or awesome cure, God is present in my life and He is guiding, comforting, encouraging, and upholding me. Always. No matter what. And I pray.

I pray for researchers, doctors, and other medical professionals who are in the trenches, working on finding “why,” and then “what can we do?” I pray for my fellow lupies and others who are challenged, fighting, and working hard to mold goodness from their lives. I pray for the people who read this blog, those who feel so very alone, and those who feel afraid. I keep my hope alive and growing as I reflect on others, on our amazing fellowship across miles and time zones.

I pray for peace of heart for all as we move ahead, despite and in spite of our health challenges.

And I pray that hope will grow ever-stronger in all of our hearts as we work with our doctors and stay close to our God – our awesome, loving, ever-wonderful God!



TLC Tuesday: Picking up the Pieces

posted by mpratt

CrecheforblogPine needles are scattered down the hallway, a stray ornament has rolled under a living room table. The manger scene will remain on my piano through Epiphany and then it, too, will be stowed away until next/this Christmas. The time has passed fluidly, one holiday day to the next.

But, oh, not so much the physical wear and tear! No, holidays on top of “regular” days of illness and chronic pain do take their toll. And, as the decorations are put back into their boxes, there’s a lot of protesting from back, legs, shoulders, and elsewhere!

Unlike in years past, I have been in no real hurry to pick up the pieces after the holidays. I’m trying to take my own advice – one box, one ornament at a time. All will be taken care of, just not perhaps as swiftly as others might be able to accomplish.

Even if you have lots still to do to put away the holidays, do take time to relax, remember fondly, let your body ease back into the New Year and those decorations ease back into their hiding places.

Yes, it’s TLC Tuesday once again – Encourage yourself to take it easy!



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