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Sometimes, you just want to cry. But, the particular moment might not be the best. Perhaps your children need you, or your spouse is dealing with a difficult problem of his or her own. Maybe you’re at work, and the […]


I asked my eye doc if she was going on vacation this summer. She said she couldn’t, but she’d live vicariously through her patients who could. This got me to thinking about  how, if we’re too sick to travel, or […]


Sometimes, when we’re very ill or our pain is overwhelming, we might get to the point where God seems to not exist actively in our lives. We might not be able to feel the comfort or peace we enjoy when […]


Martyrs and missionaries make astounding sacrifices each day to bring the Gospel and God’s love to others. They commit themselves to monumental tasks, knowing that they are giving their lives over to serving and, sometimes, dying for others and the […]

As we journey through our lives with chronic pain and illness, we undoubtedly will come across people who ask us “How are you?” Some are truly caring and want to be empathetic and/or reach out with help. Others are being […]

When we consider all of the things we must do each day, we might quickly become overwhelmed. Large tasks – doctor’s appointments, job interviews, school finals, for example – and smaller ones – grocery shopping, laundry, feeding the pets – […]

Ah! Wilderness! I’ve always like that title for a book or a play. Not so fond of it as a description of what it’s like to live with chronic pain. But, so often,that is what it is like. Wilderness. Stark. Deserted. […]

Oh, what a great feeling it is when you really accomplish something – despite all the challenges and setbacks that chronic illness can bring! It’s a remarkable boost, even if you’re really spent afterward, to be able to look back […]

Life with a chronic illness can be cluttered quickly. There are all of those unused or partially used prescription bottles that litter our medicine drawers – oh, the ridiculousness of having to fill a whole prescription only to discover you’re […]

‘Tis the season for doctors’ appointments. Tests. Treadmills. And, oh, the dreaded “fasting bloodwork.” It’s generally fairly exhausting, and I try not to schedule more than one appointment per day (though sometimes, life doesn’t work out this way). Health news […]