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“Norman, Harmeet and I have forgiven our captors,” says Jim Loney in yesterday’s op-ed to The Toronto Star. “Our reason is very simple. We’ve had enough with bombs and guns and gallows.” Sojourners and I spent many an anxious moment […]

The New York Times reported today that an indictment was issued on Wednesday in a 40-year-old murder case that helped inspire the Selma-to-Montgomery march in 1965. Jimmy Lee Jackson was killed by Alabama state troopers, and retired trooper James Fowler […]

Virginia Tech … although most of the nation has moved on to other headlines, Virginia Tech has not faded from my memory. As each day passes, I can’t help but feel the same mixed emotions I had during the 1992 […]

Having spent the first ten years of my life in Zimbabwe, and still feeling a somewhat deep sense of loyalty to the country of my birth, my ears prick up when the news turns to our troubled closest neighbor. Understanding […]

The dust has settled. Most – if not all – of the cameras and the national media have vacated Blacksburg, Virginia. America, and even the Virginia Tech campus, seems to be trying to move on. There’s a presidential race to […]

Violence by terrorist groups has caused great suffering for Israelis, and has served as the rationale for many of Israel’s most restrictive policies regarding Palestinians. For that reason, it is all the more important to hear stories of Palestinians and […]

A recent survey showed that 59 percent of all Americans know “a lot” or “some” about the conflict in Darfur, compared to levels reported in 2004, when only 14 percent said they were familiar with the conflict. This shift has […]

Monday morning in Blacksburg, Virginia, 32 students and staff at Virginia Tech were killed in the largest single shooting in modern American history. The shooter, an angry and disturbed young man, then killed himself. Looking at the profiles of the […]

I’ve always heard the old adage, “violence is a weapon of the weak.” But after events like the Virginia Tech massacre, it’s easy to think that violence has ultimate power. After all, we’ve learned history through the lens of war. […]

This morning, on my way to Dulles Airport to catch a flight, I was listening to radio coverage of the Virginia Tech massacre. The reporter was talking about shooter Cho Seung Hui, analyzing his personality and background, and trying to […]