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A friend recently brought to my attention the July 8, 2007, column by Rod Dreher in the Dallas Morning News. Dreher, famous as a “Crunchy Con”—a conservative who cares deeply about the environment—provides another excellent example of the important shift […]

If a glacier falls into the ocean, and no one is there to record it, did it really happen? Perhaps anticipating the question, artist Katie Paterson has created an art installation in which the sounds of Iceland glaciers are recorded […]

David Gushee thinks he understands why some conservative evangelicals have opposed “creation care” (i.e., taking care of the environment). He writes: … it seems to me that those who resist creation care sometimes are motivated by a misreading of scripture. […]

I have always felt a bit disconnected from Hurricane Katrina – I was on vacation a half a world away when the storm devastated the Gulf Coast. Cut off from television and the internet, I was not saturated with the […]

I took my day off yesterday and completed an annual pilgrimage of mine, a pilgrimage that began when I was a boy. I used to walk hand-in-hand with my dad to a pond near our home in upstate New York, […]

First of all, kudos to those who took the high road this week when commenting on our global warming posts. While there are still occasional exceptions, most of you displayed graciousness and civility, even in disagreement. And if I am […]

I am sitting in a hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and I just read Jim Wallis’ recent post about global warming, responding to the recent letter written by several leaders of the Religious Right. The version of Christianity represented in […]