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As Jim Wallis announced last week, we’re pleased to be hosting a forum of the leading Democratic presidential candidates at our Pentecost 2007 conference (and hoping to do a Republican candidates forum later this year). We’ve invited several of our […]

In the 2004 presidential campaign, solutions to the persistent poverty in our country and around the world were almost never discussed. But this year, we have a chance to change that. On Monday, June 4, the leading Democratic presidential contenders […]

Time‘s Joe Klein makes some interesting observations about Arkansas Governor and Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee (“a political inconvenience, a destroyer of stereotypes”), asking whether or not “compassionate conservatism” is dead, and if poverty has a place on the Republican […]

I want to personally invite you to Washington, D.C., on June 3-6 to participate in Pentecost 2007: Taking the Vision to the Streets. I’m asking you to come because this is not just another conference: This will be an important […]

I still have another month on self-imposed blogging hiatus so that I can finish my book. But I couldn’t let this pass without comment. Rod Dreher quotes Stuart Rothenberg, who shoots down the idea that Democrats can pick up votes […]