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Monday night I attended Sojourners’ presidential candidates forum on Faith, Values, and Poverty, featuring Democrats John Edwards, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. I expected to hear how their faith informed their policies, but I also longed to hear something of […]

Faith forum. Last evening, Sojourners sponsored a candidate’s forum on Faith, Values, and Poverty. Here are some of the morning news stories: New York Times. Edwards, Clinton and Obama Describe Journeys of Faith “The three leading Democratic presidential hopefuls opened […]

Watch it:

Here’s the transcript from last night’s candidates forum with John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama.

Several of the faith bloggers did live blogging during our presidential candidates forum last night. I also include a few conservative blogs to be “fair and balanced.” Aaron Krager from Faithfully Liberal:Faith, values, poverty: Sojourner’s Forum – Hillary Clinton Faith, […]

From day one of the Pentecost 2007: Taking the Vision to the Streets conference – Derek Webb, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, and Jim Wallis call a packed sanctuary at National City Christian Church to take God’s concern for the poor seriously […]

Over the course of the past year, especially this semester, I have been thinking a lot about what it means to live out justice and to be an activist. I have been trying to figure out where that fits into […]

Many people are happily conservative in their religion and politics. For them, the dangers of what could happen for the worse are greater than the injustices of what currently is, so their bias is generally against change and toward preserving […]

One of God’s true servants on earth, Billy Graham, was honored yesterday with the opening of a library and museum in Charlotte, North Carolina. The facility will hold memorabilia of Graham’s long preaching career, including photos and video footage of […]