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Our voices are being heard! Yesterday the House passed a bill to enlarge the State Children’s Health Insurance Program by $47 billion over five years to extend coverage to an additional 5 million children.
The Senate will be debating a similar measure to expand the highly successful program by $35 billion over five years, adding 3 million children. Despite President Bush’s ideologically-driven and mean-spirited threat of a veto, we are approaching a veto-proof majority of 70 votes in the Senate. In order to secure 70 votes we need a continuous barrage of phone calls from faith advocates from across the country adding their voices to a growing chorus that calls for a healthier future for our nation’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged children.
Call your senators today at (877) 367-5235, a free number set up by our friends at PICO National Network. Tell them that people of faith are counting on them to stand up for the millions of uninsured children in the U.S.

Adam Taylor is director of campaigns and organizing for Sojourners/Call to Renewal.

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