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Several of the faith bloggers did live blogging during our presidential candidates forum last night. I also include a few conservative blogs to be “fair and balanced.”

Aaron Krager from Faithfully Liberal:
Faith, values, poverty: Sojourner’s Forum – Hillary Clinton
Faith, values, poverty: Sojourner’s Forum – Barack Obama
Faith, values, poverty: Sojourner’s Forum – John Edwards
Final thoughts on Sojourner’s Forum

David Kuo:
The Faith Forum – a first thought
The Faith Forum – wondering about poverty
The Faith Forum – Roundup

From the Beatitudes Society, Rev. Anne Howard:
Live-blogging the Candidates: Refreshing, and even revealing…of all of us

Alexander Carpenter at Faith in Public Life:
The quick and dirty Sojo presidential Forum

Jesse Lava at Faithful Democrats:
A Groundbreaking Forum on Faith

World Magazine:
The Democratic Faithful

Independent Conservative:
Democrats Talking About Matters of Faith. Total Comedy!

UPDATE: I’ve found a few more since my first round of:

Andrew Sullivan:

Xpatriated Texan:
Fluff and Pomp-enstance

Jenna Tiitsman at Auburn Media:
First-Ever Faith Debate for Dems

Collin Hansen, for Christianity Today’s Liveblog:
Faith Forum for Democrats

Faith in Public Life hosts a conversation between Eric Sapp of Common Good Strategies, Rabbi Andy Bachman, a private blogger and Senior Rabbi of Congregation Beth Elohim, and Jamison Foser of Media Matters:
Faith in Public LIVE: Eric Sapp, Rabbi Andy Bachman and Jamison Foser

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