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Faith forum. Last evening, Sojourners sponsored a candidate’s forum on Faith, Values, and Poverty. Here are some of the morning news stories:

New York Times. Edwards, Clinton and Obama Describe Journeys of Faith “The three leading Democratic presidential hopefuls opened up at a televised forum about their faiths, the role of prayer in their lives and the ways religion informs their views on policy.”

Washington Post. Clinton, Edwards and Obama Discuss Their Faith at Forum “In an unprecedented forum, the three leading Democratic presidential candidates described how faith influences both their politics and their personal lives.”

Chicago Tribune. Top Democrats discuss faith “Three leading Democratic presidential candidates offered a glimpse of the role that religion plays in their private and political lives.”

Washington Times. Top Democrats open up on faith :Democratic presidential contenders Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards all got personal during a forum focused on something much less commonly mentioned on the campaign trail: their religious faith.”

Los Angeles Times. 3 Democratic candidates talk of their faith “The forum, sponsored by the liberal Sojourners/Call to Renewal evangelical organization, provided an uncommon glimpse into the most personal beliefs of Clinton and rivals John Edwards and Barack Obama.”

Christian Broadcast Network. Brody File Reaction to Sojourners Faith Forum “…Clinton, Obama and Edwards helped themselves last night. These faith conferences further the discussion about religion and politics and that’s always a good thing.”

Plus, more news on immigration, hunger, missiles in Europe, Iraq, corruption, G-8, Lebanon, and Islam.

Immigration.Immigrant bill faces multiple alterations “About 30 amendments: That’s what stands between a new plan for controlling immigration into the United States and passage in the Senate.” Immigration bill’s key compromise under siege “As senators returned to the Capitol Monday after a weeklong recess, supporters of an immigration bill expressed guarded confidence that it would pass despite raging conservative criticism. A Point System for Immigrants Incites PassionsThe point system, one of the most significant features of the Senate immigration bill, will be at the heart of the debate as Congress resumes work on the legislation.” Fiscal lift, burden in immigrant legislation “The immigration bill before Congress would cost the federal government roughly $18 billion over the next decade, largely because of the huge costs of additional border control and law enforcement measures,”

Hunger. Cost of hunger calculated at $90 billion “Hunger in America leads to $90 billion a year in societal costs, such as mental-health problems that may arise when people miss too many meals.”Missiles in Europe. Bush Seeks to Ease Putin’s Fears on Missile Defense “President Bush, addressing Russian criticism of his proposal to put missile defenses here and in Poland, said today that Russia has nothing to fear from the proposal, adding, “The cold war is over.” Bush: ‘Nothing to fear, Vladimir’ “Russia should not fear a missile shield in eastern Europe, George Bush said today in his latest bid to placate Vladimir Putin, who has threatened to aim missiles at western countries in retaliation.”

Iraq. Discontent Over Iraq Increasing, Poll Finds “Growing frustration with the performance of the Democratic Congress, combined with widespread public pessimism over President Bush’s temporary troop buildup in Iraq, has left satisfaction with the overall direction of the country at its lowest point in more than a decade,” Key US general says it is too soon to judge Iraq plan “The US commander in Iraq, General David Petraeus, said yesterday it was too early to judge whether a Baghdad security crackdown was successful because the last of five extra brigades had yet to be deployed.”Baghdad areas ‘not under control’ “US and Iraqi forces control fewer than one-third of Baghdad’s neighbourhoods, according to a review of a security crackdown in the city since February.”

Corruption. Lawmaker Indicted on Corruption Charges “Federal authorities accused Rep. William J. Jefferson of using his congressional office and staff to enrich himself and his family, charging the Louisiana Democrat with offering and accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to support business ventures in the United States and several West African nations.” Jefferson charged in bribery and corruption “A federal grand jury in Alexandria yesterday indicted Rep. William J. Jefferson, Louisiana Democrat, on charges of bribery and corruption in his promotion of telecommunications equipment and services in Africa.”

G-8. 16,000 police deployed for G8 “A multinational coalition of protesters will today begin their bid to physically prevent world leaders from gathering at the G8 summit despite widespread criticism of violent tactics during growing demonstrations in Germany.”

Lebanon. As Crises Build, Lebanese Fearful of a Failed State “A few miles from Mona Abboud’s bookstore in Tripoli, passengers in cars ducked below the dashboard as volleys of gunfire resounded like a jackhammer Monday. Earlier in the day, more clashes erupted at a Palestinian refugee camp three hours from here.”

Islam. Blair
Calls on Moderates to Reclaim the Public Debate Over Islam
“As part of his series of farewells, Prime Minister Tony Blair addressed a government-organized conference on Islam on Monday, and declared that the religion’s “authentic voices” should be given a stage over the voices of extremism.”

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